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   Call for Action - Constitutional Convention



Our Revolution

Janet -

During the presidential campaign, Bernie spoke a lot about the need to revitalize American politics and create a political revolution. He talked about the need to bring people together - black, white, Latino, Asian American and Native American - to fight for a government which represents all of us, and not just the 1 percent.

Bernie also made it clear that the Democratic Party needed a 50-state strategy, and that we could not rest easy when some of the poorest states in the country were led by Republican right wing extremists who represented the wealthy and the powerful.

That is why Bernie is hitting the road again, this time with DNC Chair Tom Perez, Keith Ellison and other leaders. The purpose of this nine-state tour across the country is to visit some of our more conservative states and help build strong, grassroots movements in those regions. He will also discuss how the president has turned his back on the working class people who voted for him.

One of the states that Bernie will be visiting is Arizona.

Signup and RSVP to tell us that you’ll attend the event in person. Please get the word out to your friends. Let's have a HUGE turnout.

Senator Bernie Sanders rallies with DNC Chair Tom Perez

DATE: Friday, April 21, 2017

TIME: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (Doors open at 5:30 PM)

WHERE: Mesa Ampitheatre (Mesa, AZ)

263 N. Center Street

Mesa, AZ 85201


In solidarity,

- Team Bernie

Come and see Melody as Cluck the Flaky Chicken!



I'm hosting an event as part of's "" campaign. It's at Cross streets E. Cactus Rd. and N. Tatum Blvd. (Sidewalk Demonstration) in Phoenix, AZ on Tuesday, April 11 at 12 PM.

RSVP here so I can know you're coming:

Thanks, Wendy



Internet companies want to sell your personal online data to the highest bidder--and Congress might let them! This vote is scheduled for committee today and for a full House vote on Tuesday--this is URGENT.


On March 23, Republican Senators voted to overturn privacy rules implemented by the FCC in 2015 that protect your personal data online. These rules require internet service providers to get your permission before they sell your personal data.

Now this awful invasion of your privacy goes to the House for a vote.


If the House removes these rules, Comcast and other internet service providers will be free to sell your personal information and online behavior history to the highest bidder without your consent or knowledge.

Call your Representative in the House today and demand they leave these important privacy rules in place.

We know that you care about money in politics, and Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Gorsuch has a longstanding record of defending money in politics as free speech. A Koch brothers-linked pro-money in politics organization, the Judicial Crisis Network, even launched a $10 million multi-state campaign to pressure senators to confirm Gorsuch. That’s why we need you to call your senators now as part of today’s nation-wide Supreme Court call-in day!

Dial 1-888-877-2040 and you will be routed directly to your senator’s office. It only takes a few minutes to make a call and ask your senator to OPPOSE Judge Gorsuch -- but the impact this has could be enormous.

You need to know about what’s happening in Georgia right now.
We have an immediate opportunity to flip our first House seat. A special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District has been set to replace Republican Tom Price, who joined the Trump administration (and is now spearheading its disastrous plan to destroy Obamacare).
The election is scheduled for April 18, with a potential runoff on June 20. But here’s why we’re writing today: The online voter registration deadline to participate in this special election is this Monday, March 20.
We’re asking everyone to help spread the word with their friends who live in or near this Georgia district. Here are two things you can do RIGHT NOW:
  • If you're on a desktop, find your Facebook friends who live in Georgia and send them a note like this: 

    "There’s a special election in your backyard on April 18th. Democrats have a real shot to flip Georgia’s 6th Congressional District and send a message to Trump and the GOP. The voter registration deadline is this Monday, March 20th. Anyone in the district can register to vote or check your status ONLINE. You can get more information here: And please spread the word! #FlipThe6th.”

    Note: If you're on a mobile device, search for "friends in Georgia" from your Facebook app.

  • Sign up for Team GA-06 to receive updates and ways you can help flip this House seat.
We’ll admit it: This is an experiment. We’re trying something new to see how Swing Left supporters, no matter where you live, can best make an impact on a winnable special election like this. It'll go a long way to helping shape our strategy in the months to come.
By Monday, we want to make sure everyone in GA-06 is aware of the voter registration deadline and knows they can register online.
Please forward this email, and let’s get to work on flipping this seat!
More soon,

Sally Harrell and Margaret Mullins with Team GA-06, and the rest of the Swing Left Team

Hi all~ This forwarded message explains again the smarmy move attempted to remove our elected Democratic County Recorder from the Elections Dept.

We are all taken aback by the very UN-American and unconstitutional SB1142, which asserts to hold the organizers of protests responsible if damage or violence occurs. The republican spin sets to affirm that we are professional protesters rather than concerned citizens. Below, find contact info for Ducey. In the link below, you will also find info about a demonstration being planned by another group on Tuesday afternoon at the Capitol.


If you or your family don't have a library card, GET ONE. DeVos will fight hard against public education. Public libraries could be next. Local politicians look at the # of the population vs the # of library card holders. If the % of cardholders to population isn't high, then they think, "Why are our people being taxed for this service?" Getting a library card is an act of support in ways bigger than you imagined. #resist #supportlibraries Copy & paste to SHARE.