Hello all~ We are all taken aback by the very UN-American and unconstitutional SB1142, which asserts to hold the organizers of protests responsible if damage or violence occurs. The republican spin sets to affirm that we are professional protesters rather than concerned citizens. So obviously, good behavior while assembling is a no brainier. Smile and nod, I always say. 


You didn’t hear it from me but, we should all be calling and writing Gov. Ducey!  Find his contact info below.  You will also find a number of ACLU videos. I feel, since we are genuinely not paid protesters, this legislation would be very difficult (and costly to the state) to prosecute. The government is always trying to trick you out of your rights. To this point, I would encourage you to view some ACLU videos. The most important right you have is the right to remain silent, under any circumstances. Please find some links below…as well as a great song from Bob Dylan.


Here is a link to a capitol time article

Ducey contact info

Office of Governor Doug Ducey
State Capitol
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602/542-4331
Fax: 602/542-7601
Governor's website