Wolves and Cattle: The Real Numbers from Defenders of Wildlife:

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1. Avoid websites that end in “lo” ex: Newslo (Newslo is now found at These sites take pieces of accurate information and then packaging that information with other false or misleading “facts” (sometimes for the purposes of satire or comedy).


2. Watch out for common news websites that end in “” as they are often fake versions of real news sources (remember: this is also the domain for Colombia!) 


3. Watch out if known/reputable news sites are not also reporting on the story. Sometimes lack of coverage is the result of corporate media bias and other factors, but there should typically be more than one source reporting on a topic or event.


4. Odd domain names generally equal odd and rarely truthful news.


5. Lack of author attribution may, but not always, signify that the news story is suspect and requires verification.


6. Some news organizations are also letting bloggers post under the banner of particular news brands; however, many of these posts do not go through the same editing process (ex: BuzzFeed Community Posts, Kinja blogs, Forbes blogs). 


7. Check the “About Us” tab on websites or look up the website on Snopes or Wikipedia for more information about the source.


8. Bad web design and use of ALL CAPS can also be a sign that the source you’re looking at should be verified and/or read in conjunction with other sources. 


9. If the story makes you REALLY ANGRY it’s probably a good idea to keep reading about the topic via other sources to make sure the story you read wasn’t purposefully trying to make you angry (with potentially misleading or false information) in order to generate shares and ad revenue.


10. If the website you’re reading encourages you to DOX individuals, it’s unlikely to be a legitimate source of news. (DOX: search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.)


11. It’s always best to read multiple sources of information to get a variety of viewpoints and media frames. Sources such as The Daily Kos, The Huffington Post, and Fox News vacillate between providing important, legitimate, problematic, and/or hyperbolic news coverage, requiring readers and viewers to verify and contextualize information with other sources. 



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2017: Recommended Environment News Sites

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Nature Conservancy Arizona
Sierra Club Arizona
Nina Mason Pulliam Rio Salado Audubon Center
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Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center
Arizona Wilderness Association
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This is a way to voice your opinion on AZ legislation from the comfort of your home. This group says it will sign you up to do so but I don't see a way to do that. So you may have to go down to the AZ Capitol just one time to sign up.




To preserve and protect our planet while moving towards a sustainable future.


We support: 

• the retention of EPA safeguards such as the Clean Air, Clean Water, Endangered Species, Energy Policy Acts.

• legislation that supports the transition to a clean energy economy.

• legislation that protects wildlife, habitats and ecosystems. 

• legislation that requires GMO labeling.

• full Federal funding of the National Park System. 


Center for Biological Diversity


Climate Reality Project
Defenders of Wildlife

Earth Justice

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