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This from the NRDC: 
Things we can do as a community...

Click on the links below and scroll down to find posters that you can download and print for the marches:


 From the Center for Biological Diversity:

We have strong reason to believe that Republicans will be bringing #SJR18 to the floor next week.

This legislation will subject #bears and #wolf cubs to hunting practices while they are denning, and subject animals to aerial gunning and bone breaking traps.

Please call your representative’s district office -- numbers here: and tell them this is completely unacceptable.

For more information and a sample script, click READ MORE


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Ways to Fight Methane Pollution Toolkit

Congress is trying to roll back rules against unethical, inhumane hunting practices in wildlife refuges. That even includes killing wolf pups in their dens and hunting grizzlies from airplanes. Tell your senators that this is too extreme. Click here: Wildlife Killings

Click on the link to the Wilderness Society's "Activist Toolkit" below. Many good ideas, especially in regards to contacting newspapers and other media outlets.

Wilderness Society Activist Toolkit

Take a look!

It's true: One of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's first acts in office will be traveling to Utah to explore the possibility of revoking or drastically diminishing Bears Ears' monument status, at the behest of  anti-conservation members of Congress. If they succeed, it will be an unprecedented blow to public lands and Native American tribal sovereignty, and a sad rebuke to the legacy of Zinke's hero, Teddy Roosevelt.

Bears Ears National Monument is a national treasure. From ancient ruins to intricate 1,500-year-old petroglyphs, this striking and relatively undeveloped natural landscape holds a wealth of cultural and history. Are we going to let anti-conservation zealots in Washington DC walk all over it? 

Please sign this letter and tell Secretary Zinke that Bears Ears MUST keep its full monument status.


Don't let Trump strip Bears Ears' monument protection

Call Scott Pruitt's EPA office at (202) 272-0167. 
Tell the operator that you want to leave a message for Administrator Pruitt.
You can use these talking points for your message, and add anything else you'd like Pruitt to hear: